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DriveSets in motion: The LiveOP system in action

Easily recognizable in this short film is the motion system which moves two cameras across the operation procedure. The optical technology is elevated on four supports so that the medical personnel are not disturbed in their work.
Andreas Schmidt of LiveOP Projects, Parthenstein, Germany kindly provided us with this film.
To start or stop the film, please click in the display area with your mouse. If the film should not be displayed on this page, please install a Flash-Player for your Internet browser.

Sharp telescopic eyes watch surgical intrusions

When Systecs run-ready "DriveSets" positioning systems are used by Andreas Schmidt, they truly gain some special insights. This man, from Parthenstein in Saxony, uses the mechatronics top-line product from Westphalia for his company "LiveOP Projects". Schmidt specializes in filming dental operations. The motion pictures are then either broadcast directly in university auditoriums or are sent to congresses where dental experts can inform themselves about new operating techniques. They are also recorded for documentary purposes.

Schmidt uses remote control to film the operations and is not even in the room at the time. Instead, he controls the project from an adjoining room. In his search for a motion system for positioning the cameras, he came across Systecs DriveSets, which have proven themselves ideal for his purposes. In the meantime, he has been so successful with his idea that he has sold his system as far away as Greece.

He uses two M333 model DriveSets which are elevated and used to move the cameras in three dimensions above the operating table. The cameras' “glass eyes” know exactly where they are supposed to film from the instructions which they receive from the Xemo controller manuevered by a joystick. Both element are integral parts of the DriveSet.

A special advantage of the LiveOP system is the fact that it can be completely and easily dismantled. The surgery cinematographer needs only to loosen a few screws and then simply pack the devices into his van.


To contact the cinematographer, please use the following information

Andreas Schmidt, LiveOP Projects, Krankenhausstraße 26, 04668 Parthenstein, Germany Tel.: (+49) 034293 34917, Fax: (+49) 034293 34918, Mobil: (+49) 0172 3422625, E-Mail:, Internet: