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DriveSets for product marking: Snappy stampers

Systec's special competence: Product marking
One example of a single-axis application for product marking from Systec. Printing heads are attached at the TCP (tool center point: here displayed in blue), which are then moved over the products to be marked (red in the image). (Photo: Systec)

Whether with expiration dates, serial numbers, filling dates, or test-codes, products must often be automatically marked in industrial processing. Systec’s special equipment department has developed one or multi-axial Marking systems for moving printing heads. The inkjet or laser printing technology is provided by an affiliated company.

  • Systec solutions are already to be found in marking systems for:
  • Food containers in a canning/bottling plant.
  • Films in a screen-printing installation
  • Induction die-molding components
  • Tubes and tubular bags

DriveSets with the associated Xemo controller are ideally suitable for this sort of application. They combine maximum speed with the greatest possible precision, for the main challenge in product marking consists of setting the points for the printing action during short machine stroke pauses or even during the controller’s running operation at exactly the right time. In traditional marking solutions the printing head or stamp is statically attached and the products to be marked pass underneath it. Systec know-how now makes it possible to move the printing head itself. Especially in regard to stamps, such a solution provides the additional advantage that the codes or texts to be printed can be automatically changed and updated.


Systec product marking system

Systecs solutions for product marking are fully applicable for the use in food industry environments. By clicking on the image on the left you will see an animation of a product marking application. The Systec systems control the marking process and the positioning of the marking objects. The animation will open a huge file with a size of 1,7 MB.

Further information on Systecs solutions for product marking are collected on the Web Page

Trajectory-synchronized steering ensures absolutely exact positioning of the printing heads

The marking unit is usually attached at the conveyor exit of an assembly line. If the data is to be printed during a machine stroke pause, single-axis kinematics is adequate. For example, a DriveSet M132 could be used here which is up to 0.4 meters per second fast and can position middle loads of up to five kilos with a normal 0.1 millimeter precision class. In the stroke pauses, the printing application then receives the triggering signal through the DriveSet’s Xemo controller. Beforehand, the number of side-by-side products to be marked is programmed into the positioning system’s controller.


Do you have any questions?

Martin MußmannFor more information on product marking please contact our certified engineer, Martin Mußmann. He heads the department for special systems at Systec.

If products are to be marked which are laid out in several columns and lines, this task can be handled with a single two-axis kinematics. Such a kinematics is integral, for example, to DriveSet M239. This very fast DriveSet with a trajectory rate of up to one meter per second enables performing a large number of printing actions in very short stroke pauses. In one application for marking films in a screen-printing installation, up to 270 marking actions are executed in only eleven seconds.

The application just described above demonstrates the complex capabilities of Systec’s Xemo controllers. They master "trajectory synchronous steering" perfectly! During movement, they transmit the current position exactly to the printing heads and provide for on-the-dot triggering of the printing function. As a result, the marking codes are always set at the right location, the printing lines are not displaced. In addition, the Systec controller communicates with superordinated controller units. That applies, for example, to information for print-starting just the same as for test signals. In the case of marking films, a quality audit took place in the assembly line beforehand. Only those segments were marked which had passed this test.

With the optional "flying scissors" technology, even more efficient product marking is possible. Then the imprinting can be carried out even in continuously moving production lines. The machines no longer have to be stopped for printing. Instead, the printing head "follows" the moving print materials.