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Einachsige Lineareinheiten für Bewegung in der linearen Dimension
Zweiachsige Lineareinheiten für Bewegung in der Ebene
Dreiachsige Lineareinheiten für Bewegung im Raum

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DriveSet M329

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Selection criteria: Workspace Payload Class Velocity class Precision class


5 kg

0.1 m/s

0.025 mm

Animation of the installation position vertical 1. Click on the image to get a zoomed view Animation of the installation position vertical 2. Click on the image to get a zoomed view 3-Axis system for positioning of mid range loads with low velocity at high precision
Applications: positioning objects, Dosing, Fabrication automation, Measurement and testing systems

The kinematics (axis system) consists of linear units with propulsion via ball thread spindle and suitable step motor. The two parallel tracks (3. axis) are driven in sync by a drive belt. It can be used in different mounting positions. The cable routing2 is completely mounted. Different variants are possible for the controller, the C variant2 allows continuous path mode (CNC). Attention: the max. velocity is smaller than the class velocity!
Fragen Sie das DriveSet online an

Technical Data
Operational properties and admissible loads
Payload/Force 5 kg / 300 N
Max. static
load at TCP
on axis 1
Fi = 1500 N
Fj = 1200 N
Fk = 900 N
Mi = 25 Nm
Mj = 32 Nm
Mk = 35 Nm
Velocity 0,1 m/s
6 m/min
Precision class 0,025 mm
Acceleration 1 m/s² Type of operation S1 (suitable for continuous operation)

Length of the axes

The table shows the different lengthes of the DriveSet's Axes. The "Max." table row gives a hint on the maximum axis length this DriveSet could have. Up to this length, you can feel free to order any length. Please indicate the desired lengthes on the order form.

Order Code Axis Axis Axis
0 160 560 883 4.9 160 649 689 8.4 160 623 742 11.7
1 250 650 1063 5.2 250 739 779 9.2 250 713 832 12.4
2 320 720 1203 5.5 320 809 849 9.9 320 783 902 12.9
3 400 800 1363 5.8 400 889 929 10.6 400 863 982 13.5
4 500 900 1563 6.2 500 989 1029 11.5 500 963 1082 14.2
5 - - 630 1119 1159 12.7 630 1093 1212 15.2
6 - - 800 1289 1329 14.3 800 1263 1382 16.5
7 - - 1000 1489 1529 16.1 1000 1463 1582 17.9
8 - - 1250 1739 1779 18.4 1250 1713 1832 19.8
9 - - - - 1500 1963 2082 21.6
Max. 500 900 1563 6.2 1250 1739 1779 18.4 1500 1963 2082 21.6

System configuration

In the following, you can configure your DriveSet to fit your needs. All fields with an orange background indicate, that there is a variety of configuration options. By clicking the Help button you get more information on the system components.
You can save your selected configuration at the end of this page. Then you can send us an eMail for a detailled application for the DriveSet you have chosen.

Axis Achse 1 Axis Achse 2 Axis Achse 3
Length of the strokes Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3

Configure length of the axes,
Select further options,
Save DriveSet configuration and request

Mounting position
V1 vertical 1 (V1)
axis 1 moves vertically; axes 2 and 3 move horizontally
V2 vertical 2 (V2)
axis 1 moves horizontally; axis 2 moves vertically; axis 3 moves horizontally
Axis Axis Axis
Guiding Rigid Aluminum profile with integrated hardened shafts; trajectory carriage with slack-free rollersRigid Aluminum profile with integrated ball rail inside of profile; trajectory carriage runs on 2 blocksRigid Aluminum profile with integrated hardened shafts; trajectory carriage with slack-free rollers
Drive Spindle thread; 16x10 mm (diameter X gradient) Spindle thread; 16x16 mm (diameter X gradient) Spindle thread; 16x10 mm (diameter X gradient)
Motor 2 phase stepper motor 2 phase stepper motor 2 phase stepper motor
Electrical circuitry
Loose wiring harness (L)
All connection cables are loose. You must route them yourself
Cable routing chains (K)
In Bearbeitung
Xemo Motion ControlXemo Motion Control included
Bild Steuerung comfort Bild Steuerung eco
Configuration 3-axes controller, point-to-point (P) or trajectory controller (C2) with 3D linear and circular interpolation; each with 8 digital inputs and outputs with 24 V switch voltage, 3 analog inputs2, 1 analog output2, step surveillance of the motors2
Position surveillance (U)
In case of a mechanical block, an error message is generated
Drive Integrated into the controller, power suitable for motor; with configurable microstep resolution from 400 .. 10,000 steps/revolution, 150 kHz step frequency
Point-to-point (P)
For independent positioning of the axes
with trajectory controller (C)
For trajectory-true movement of all axes with linear and circular interpolation
Electrical supply 85 V - 245 V AC 24 V DC and 48 V DC
Operating Programmable operator terminal; LCD with 4 lines X 20 characters; 8 LEDs; emergency stop switch none
Additional devices
Without auxiliary devices (O)
handwheel, override (H)
Joystick (J)
Without auxiliary devices (O)
Joystick (J)
Field bus
No bus connection (O)
with Profibus (P)
with CANbus (A)
Operating system With manual control (auxiliary devices 2 necessary), home run, security function, error messages, delay times, provision for sensors and actuators, easily configured, contour entry2, trajectory controller2
Development environment Comfortable development environment (MotionBasic IDE) with Windows; includes editor with syntax highlight, compiler, source code debugger, direct influencing of the controller with online executor, start-up aids, flash program, DLL for integration into Windows programs and VI for LabVIEW
Application The simple example application (source code) provided can be comfortably modified with the MotionBasic development environment (IDE) included in delivery
Without Windows software (O)
Simple online user interface (S)
Contour adoption (K)
Technology-oriented interface (T)
Supplementary options
Netbook (N)
Pre configured netbook instead of printed documentation. All software tools are pre-installed and - if necessary - configured matching to your proper DriveSet
Visualization (V)
A specifically animated three dimensional model of your DriveSet, onscreen programmable with MotionBasic IDE and Xemolator

1 = Basic      2 = Option      3 = for strokes from       4 = including brake     

Here, you may store your DriveSets configurations, you made up to now. Or you can inquire the stored DriveSets. Then you will be directed to a webform. There you can enter the needed data to submit your request. We store your noted configuration for statistical purposes. We cannot link this anonymous data to your personal information. In contrary, a little text file, the so called Cookie, is stored on your computer. It contains a number whith which you can open the stored DriveSets configurations.

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