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Quickly discover the adequate DriveSets

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Einachsige Lineareinheiten für Bewegung in der linearen Dimension
Zweiachsige Lineareinheiten für Bewegung in der Ebene
Dreiachsige Lineareinheiten für Bewegung im Raum

Prefered velocity?
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Linear system or rotary table - Which DriveSet fits your needs?

It's your choice


With the help of our Selection assistant you will easily find the DriveSet that will fit your needs. Depending on which data you have accessible you will be shown different diagrams. You have the choice between linear systems for the workspaces line, plane and room and rotary tables. Choose on this page, which kind of diagram you want to see by clicking on one of the images.

Tag the kind of DriveSet that you want tu use in your application. Concerning linear systems, you can decide on the diagram page, if you want the available DriveSets being displayed by their payload or their thrust.


Linear systems

Workspace Line

Load selection matrix for line-workspace
One axis with alll you need: Load this selection matrix for your search for run-ready positioning systems with one axis. The matrix will display all available DriveSets for the line-workspace

Workspace Plane

Load selection matrix for plane-workspace
If you want to automate applications in the X-Y-dimension, DriveSets with two axes are on top of your choice. The selection matrix offers you the choice to select between portal and console constructions. Many Drivesets for the plane-workspace can be mounted horizontaly and verticaly.

Workspace Room

Load selection matrix for space-workspace
Three-axes DriveSets reach any position in the space dimension precisely. For many of the run-ready positioning systems there are various construction variants. It is very likely that you will find the suitable DriveSet for your application when you use this selection matrix.
Rotation modules

Rotary Tables

Load selection matrix for rotation module rotary table
30, 90, 167 or 289 degrees: DriveSets rotary tables manage to reach any position in the circle-dimension. There are many possibilities to use a DriveSet rotary table in your manufacturing environment. You may want to realize some pick and place application with it or even mount another linear system on it for positioning purposes.


The parameter Payload marks the maximum possible weight for the tool at the Tool Center Point (TCP). The parameter thrust indicates the power with wicht you can move the tool at the TCP.

Einfache Auswahl

Screencast DriveSets-Auswahl aufrufen

Die Auswahl Ihrer einbaufertigen Lineareinheit oder Ihres Drehtisches ist super einfach. Das zeigen wir Ihnen in unseren Video-Tutorials auf YouTube.
[Video-Tutorials DriveSets-Auswahl]

Video: Alles
in einer Kiste

DriveSets erhalten Sie komplett montiert in einer Kiste geliefert. Wie das aussieht, erfahren Sie in unserem kurzen YouTube-Video.