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Our documentation really helps you out!

Detailed and easily understood product documentation is a given for Systec.

Detailed, didactically designed, reliable documentation is simply a matter of course for Systec products. We consider good documentation an essential product component and not just a bothersome add-on which we might as well include. DriveSets and  Xemo controllers would not be complete without good documentation!

Where others limit themselves to technical data sheets which can hardly be decrypted if you are not an expert, we give you easily understood documents to assist you in setting up your new Xemo controller or that DriveSet which was just delivered. We also include complete reference for the programming language MotionBasic as well as additional illustrative pointers about controller software.

Good documentation does not simply mean that the specialists have packed everything into it which they consider necessary. The customer’s needs – your needs – are what Systec places its emphasis on. If a simple schematic drawing makes things more understandable and is better to give you what you need to get the described part working right, then we prefer the simple schematic drawing to the detailed design drawing. That does not mean, though, that you have to do without the detailed design drawing, for it will also be appended to the documentation.

Easily understood graphics simplify the understanding of the product.
A number of easily understood graphics illustrate technical complexities.

Benefit for the customer through individually created documents

Jürgen Breitkopf is in charge of document creation at Systec. He is a graduate electrician, has been active in this area for many years, and is quite “fit” in machine construction as well. In addition, he also completed his studies as a graduate designer. Among other things, he is responsible for the individualized collection of texts titled "Introduction, Installation, Implementation" which are created for each DriveSet. These describe the basic design of the individual DriveSet, explain its installation and provide the initial programming.

At first, the reader will search in vain for detailed technical explanations including the appropriate formulas and dimension details about the inner workings of components or how exactly to determine kinematic rigidity. Instead, he will find useful tips for connecting the motor cables to the controller and for correctly installing the kinematics into the machine. Additional instructions for starting up operation will also be included, as needed. Of course, the "hard-line" engineering data can also be found at the appropriate place.

Documentation for downloading

Take a look in our download area under the menu item service.There you will find a few sample documents, e.g. for the MotionBasic controller software.
To the download page

And if you still need additional information, Systec will not leave you alone with your questions. Our staff is always at your disposal with good, solid advice - if need be after hours too. Don't hesitate to turn to us with your questions! Our many satisfied customers already place their trust in our comprehensive service.